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Hot tuna roll with marinated pumpkin - recipe from JS

Hot tuna roll with marinated pumpkin

This dish is a true art of taste, which combines the best ingredients and traditions of Japanese cuisine.

Hot tuna roll with marinated pumpkin is the choice of true gourmets who appreciate not only taste, but also sophistication and originality in each dish. Allow yourself to enjoy this incredible taste experience from JS and immerse yourself in the world of real culinary pleasure! We will help you prepare everything as best as possible, just follow the recommendations


  • Tuna frozen YF loin – 76 g
  • Cream cheese – 30 g
  • Oil – 26 g
  • Tempura mix – 20 g
  • Spicy sauce – 20 g
  • Breadcrumbs “Panko” – 16 g
  • Cucumber – 23 g
  • Pumpkin “Kanpyo” marinated – 17 g
  • Radish “Takuan” pickled strips – 16 g
  • Green onions – 3 g
  • Nori seaweed “Yaki Sushi Nori”  – 1 g
  • Condiment-topping “Furikake” bonito – 1 g
  • Onion, dried – 1 g

Method of cooking

  1. Bread the marinated pumpkin in the prepared tempura mixture and fry in a deep fryer until ready.
  2. Turn half of the nori sheet horizontally, lay out the sliced tuna.
  3. Spread the prepared vegetables, cream cheese and fried pumpkin across the entire width.
  4. Form in the form of a roll. Bread the roll in tempura mixture, breadcrumbs and deep-fry.