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Base for soup Ramen Shoyu

Volume: 1 l

Ramen shoyu — it is one of the traditional types of ramen in Japanese cooking. The main feature of this ramen — soy broth. The soup (broth) base for shoyu ramen is made from chicken, pork or fish broth, to which soy sauce is added. As a result, the broth has a deep brown color and a rich taste of soy sauce.

JS shoyu ramen is characterized by a rich umami flavor thanks to the soy sauce, which adds saltiness and depth. Base for shoyu ramen soup — it is a great choice for those who offer their guests classic Japanese ramen with a rich taste of soy sauce. 

Barcode: 4823117900515

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Composition: prepared water, soy sauce (water, table salt, soybeans, sugar, wheat flour), glucose-fructose syrup, multifruit base. (concentrated juices: apple, grape, lemon; water), table salt, malt extract (barley malt, water, rye malt), “cider” flavoring, rendered fat, ginger root, fresh garlic, sugar, flavor and aroma enhancers : E621, E627, E631; preservatives: E202, E211; emulsifier E551, acidity regulators: citric acid, E338. The product or its components can cause an individual allergic reaction.

Nutritional value per 100 g

Energy value (calories) 448 kJ /107.3kcal
Proteins 13.4 g
Fats 4.7 g
Carbohydrates 12.9 g
Salt 10,8 g

Country of origin: Ukraine
Type of packaging: PET bottle with lid